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Urban Butterfly is a Bristol based artist, muralist and maker.

She loves vibrant colours, oatmeal hot chocolates and art that brings life & hope into grey spaces. She grew up in inner city Birmingham and always wanted to make big art that transformed the urban jungle around her. She graduated from Bath Spa Uni in 2004 with a BA in Fine Art and celebrated her first solo show in 2009 in Bath. She moved to Mexico 3 years later & worked in an International School teaching Art, being continually inspired by the long tradition of mural painting & vibrant art scene all over the country. Now a Secondary Art & Design Technology teacher, she lives in Bristol and created her first commissioned mural in 2019 on the front of E5 Church. A love of learning motivates her to try new things, hence her  latest venture into children's illustration due to her most recent commissions. 


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