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Brooks Dye Works Hoarding

My latest project involved working with St. Werburgh's Primary School, St Paul's Carnival & Acorn Property Group to create a mural with children from two Y3 classes. It explored the past & present history of the Brooks Dye Works through collage, print-making and hand-made textures; collecting student voice on the new development and educating on its special features. I designed some bespoke characters to introduce different parts of the mural. It was then photographed & professionally printed ready to install on site. 

Falafal Time.jpg


Falafel Time

Loved painting this Urban Butterfly design at Upfest 2022, a mix of acrylic, spray paint & butterfly stencils. 

Adding a splash of colour to my local falafel shop, as well as a hand-painted 'A' board & menu sign. 

Private House Commission

Two private house commissions on Dove Street South & Thomas Street based on the gemstone theme. Also worked into a previous mural by Haka to make it pop (DJ Derek etc). Coated by an anti-graffiti sealant, so any future tags can be washed off.  

E5 'Mural of Hope'

As seen on ITV news, this mural was commissioned by E5 church to bring positive, colourful & hope filled vibes to a tired, tagged modernist brick wall (2019-2020). Created by a wonderful team of around 30 people, this multicoloured gemstone wall represents the diversity of both the spiritual community that meet inside - a mix mix of cultures, races, social classes; and the wider community of Stokescroft, Bristol. Across the main section of the mural is the life-cycle of a butterfly, tracking its metamorphosis from egg, caterpillar to butterfly exploring the journey of spiritual and mental re-birth. At the end of the mural stands an interactive butterfly wall, where you can become part of the metamorphosis.  

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